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Gate Automation

Gates Automation has a variety of electric and automatic gates kits for you to choose from. We can fit these to our new gates or existing gates, depending on its characteristics. All of our motors and gates kits are produced to the highest of standards and can be fitted on request. Our team at Gleeson Gates Automation are fully trained and qualified to answer any technical questions you may have about out gates kits. There are three main types of gate automation systems for residential electric gates swing gates, and sliding gates.

Swing Gates

This is the most popular type of automatic gate system. It works by attaching a motor to the wall. An armature attachment is then fitted to the gate and the motor on the wall. This automation system can be fitted to both new gates and pre-existing gates. The motors used in these systems are extremely strong and able to cope with heavyweight gates of up to around 450 kilograms. The strength of the motor is achieved by the irreversibly geared worm drive mechanism. All the models can be operated by all the standard accessories e.g. remote controls, push buttons, keypads etc. In the eventuality of a power cut our systems have a key operated manual release mechanism that will allow you to unlock the gate

Sliding Gates

Electric sliding gates kits are designed to make an existing sliding gate open and close automatically. A flat gear or rack attaches to the side of the gate and the pinion gear on the motor winds the gate open and closed. Because of the way they operate, sliding gate systems offer extremely high security. They are held in place by the tracking system and drive motor, such that they cannot be wedged sideways except by very unusual and extreme force. Once a sliding gate system is closed it is almost impossible to force it open. Sliding gates also useful for driveways that have limited space. Since the gates slide into position from either side of the entrance, they do intrude into the space of the driveway. The space and security benefits of sliding gates makes them quite popular for commercial and industrial applications which require long, heavy gates